FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a special tax district like Fenwood and a homeowners’ association?

The District of Fenwood is a special tax district that exists solely for administrating the waterfront property (Parcels A & B), extending from the base of the seawall to Long Island Sound and from Knollwood on the west to Parcel C on the east. A Homeowners Association (HOA) is a private organization typically established within a residential community, such as a neighborhood, condominium complex, or planned development. If you click the link below, more detail is provided that explains the difference between the two types of entities. Click Here to Get More Information

Is the Fenwood Board of Directors responsible for addressing parking violations, golf cart rules, other traffic issues, or trespassing?

The Fenwood Board has no authority to address these issues. Any infraction should be reported to the Old Saybrook police, who will respond appropriately.

How are the social activities organized?

We have an active social committee run by dedicated volunteers. They organize a variety of events throughout the season that include music on the beach, a cornhole tournament, community picnics, a pizza social, and a holiday party. They also run food and toy drives during the holiday season. Their budget is self-sustaining through raffles, donations, and admission fees for certain events.

How are my taxes determined each year?

The District of Fenwood prepares an annual operating budget that is approved by the membership at the annual meeting each May. The approved budget is then divided by the annual Grand List Report reflecting the net assessed value for each of the residents of the District of Fenwood. That generates a Mill Rate, which is then applied to each resident’s net assessed value to determine your individual tax.

How is the Fenwood Board structured?

Officers are the president, vice president, treasurer, and clerk. There are an additional five members for a total of nine members. Each member serves a three-year term and can run again for an additional three years if desired. More details are in our bylaws, which are also linked to Fenwood’s website.

Is the District of Fenwood addressing coastal resilience?

Yes, we are. The district is a member of the Old Saybrook Coastal Resilience Coalition (www.oscrcct.org), which includes most of the beach and waterfront communities in Old Saybrook. We encourage you to visit the website. We also support the 4-Shore Coastal Resiliency Project (www.4shoreresiliency.com), which includes several local shoreline towns. You can go to their interactive map and drop a pin on the area(s) in Fenwood that need the most attention.

Do you have specific rules for the use of the beach property?

Yes, we do, and they can be found by clicking on the Beach Property Rules and Regulations.

Can the Board approve an operating expenditure that is beyond the approved budget?

The Board may approve an expenditure beyond the approved budget of up to $5,000.

Does the District maintain any reserves for unbudgeted costs?

The district maintains the Capital Stabilization Fund, the purpose of which is to fund unexpected and unbudgeted costs. As of June 30, 2023, the balance in that fund was $15,000.

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