The IT committee has created the basic framework for our new Fenwood Beach website.  The goal is to act as a principal method to communicate with the District Members as well as an archive of all past and present reference documents.  The committee has done a superb job of getting the structure put in place.  You can see the new website at  The current website is a draft, a work in progress, some of the material shown may be outdated or irrelevant. 

This is a framework.  For instance, the picture on this new website was a quick choice to be replaced when we have a better picture.  Our next concern is to put together useful information for us all.  To do that, we need the help from everyone in the District.  We need all previous newsletters, minutes and information about all upcoming events of note for our District.  We need a great library of Fenwood pictures (with captions).  We need instructions on how to maintain the beach, the tables, the firepit, the barbecue, etc.  We need a guide to renters on what they can and cannot do.  We would like to see the background on the memorial benches, plaques and grills.  There are a thousand things to add, and you are the source of these.  Please email with any and all material.  Talk to your neighbors and encourage them to do the same.  The website will only be as useful as the information we compile.  More is better.